SSP Blue ELITE specializes in the areas of online entertainment, social media, asset and privacy protection, harassment and stalking, private investigation, fraud, hacking, network security, and registered sex offender safety.

We also provide workforce and personal training. We protect product, policy, PR, and people.

Our most popular services are:

  • Removing Your Digital Footprint: Cyber leaks leave traces that are easily spread and complicated to remove. Additionally, many of us have a second life on social media and unknowingly leave ourselves open to hackers, cyber predators, hackers, impersonators and stalkers, as well as crooks seeking your data and business intelligence and information. Our Privacy Protect specialists manage and clean up your online data and reputation using state-of-the-art technology and strategic monitoring to identify and restore client privacy.
  • Threat Response: Cyber-stalking whether by fans, haters or the mentally ill, is a fast-growing threat to celebrities and corporate leaders that can quickly escalate into physical danger. The SSP Blue ELITE Red Team provides acute and swift response with 24/7 cyber surveillance and monitoring while collaborating discretely and effectively behind the scenes with law enforcement to seek out and identify red flags and respond quickly to ward of threats.
  • The Cyber Sting: Discretion is key in catching a cyber criminal who is intent on hacking, cyber-bullying, harassing, stealing and exposing your sensitive and private data. Our consultants are all former prosecutors and government employees who work behind the scenes discretely with local Law Enforcement, the FBI, Secret Service, Interpol and Counter Intelligence Agencies, to help access the problem, find the perp, package the evidence and brig the right prosecutor on board to get the threat out of your life for good.
  • Reputation Management: Our teams have tailed strategies to safeguard you against scams and cons whether someone is using your information for financial or identity theft, establishing fraudulent charities, products, good or services. We protect you and any assaults on your good name and that of your business and clients.