Hemanshu Nigam

Hemanshu Nigam

Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam

Hemu Nigam is the founder and CEO of SSP Blue and leads the SSP Blue Elite division. An internationally renowned expert, he has been at the epicenter of cyber security, safety and privacy since 1997, spearheading investigations and creating solutions for governments, corporations, and high-profile and high-net-worth individuals worldwide.

With deep expertise in Arts & Entertainment Industry, Nigam is a specialist in identifying and minimizing the threats specific to businesses and people in the public eye. His career includes a two-year engagement as VP of Worldwide Internet Enforcement at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), where he employed a global effort to combat online movie piracy for the major Hollywood studios. He implemented groundbreaking anti-piracy technology that allowed MPAA to eliminate more than 100,000 illegal movie websites in its first year of operation. He also played integral cyber security roles at MySpace and Microsoft, and served as Chief Security Officer for News Corporation’s numerous online properties.

In addition, Nigam has personally prosecuted sexual battery and abuse cases involving Hollywood celebrities, solved cyber stalking and bullying attacks on members of the industry and their children, and helped talent and companies overcome online espionage, hacking, theft, and scams. He is a former federal prosecutor with the DOJ against online crimes, and a former LA deputy district attorney for cases involving sexual assault, child abuse and international sex trafficking of women and children. He has advised the White House and various Congressional committees on cyber stalking and child safety, and is the creator of RSO SAFE, game-changing technology that safeguards against registered sex offenders.

Nigam is frequently tapped as a media resource and regularly contributes to outlets including Variety, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Fortune.com, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, CNN, CNNI, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, Bloomberg, Fox News Channel, BBC, and Dr. Drew, among others. He is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. For more information on Hemanshu Nigam please visit www.ssspblue.com.

Crisis Response: Jamie Schumacher

Jamie Schumacher comes from crisis management experience at Weber Shandwick and Fleishman-Hillard, two of the largest public relations firms in the world before she became head of Public Affairs at MySpace, Fox Interactive Media, and then NewsCorp. Jamie has been in the center of crisis response numerous times over and knows how to neutralize a crisis situation and turn the corner into a positive outcome.

Privacy Protect: Jilda Castaldo

Jilda Castaldo’s vast knowledge of customer support operations, quality and training comes from several years’ experience in online space.  Jilda was a key member of the MySpace operations team responsible for ensuring that safety and security measures were continuously updated, personnel trained throughout the support organization and meeting quality standards. Jilda has been working with our clients to conduct user assessments, both web-based and app-based, develop customer experience enhancements, as well as ease of use abuse reporting. She has also helped many clients in developing processes and work flows to increase efficiencies.

Protecting your Online Content: Sukesh and Monita Mohan

The ELITE team partners with Sukesh and Monita Mohan, specialists in content review and moderation from images to video to text, and founders of El Camino Technologies.  El Camino provides 24/7/365 content moderation services looking for and removing unwanted user generated content, identifying reputation attacks, and alerting on brewing cyber threats. With a staff of over 300 especially trained agents, the ELITE team of moderators are ready to keep your social media presence protected.

Law Enforcement Liaison: Brad Maryman (former FBI)

The ELITE team partners with Brad Maryman, an experienced online investigator and computer forensics expert and founder of Maryman & Associates, specializing in investigations, incident response, and computer forensics. Prior to founding Maryman & Associates, he served as a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for 29 years. During that time, Mr. Maryman conducted and supervised investigations, and served as an Information Systems Administrator and Security Programs Manager.

The Red Team – Hackers Stopping Hackers

Our Red Team is an undisclosed, confidential group of white hat hackers and are the good guys with over 20 years of combined security experience securing and protecting some of the world’s most targeted networks. Our hackers have protected and worked at 20th Century Fox, Microsoft, MySpace, MSN, and HP Cloud just to name a few companies covering network, application, website, and operational security. They specialize in penetration testing and infrastructure security and can deploy security over large and small networks, as well as create crisis incident response programs. Using black box security, our security experts think like real hackers attacking from the outside.