SSP Blue ELITE for the Arts & Entertainment Industry

With more than two decades of expertise serving corporations, governments and high-profile individuals globally with cyber security and intelligence, SSP Blue understands that businesses and people in the public eye require a unique set of services to protect their business, assets, and physical safety.

To minimize the risk of both internal and external cyber threats, SSP Blue Elite provides a tailored suite of strategic cyber safety, security, and privacy solutions for the Arts & Entertainment Industry.


Your Cyber Security Guardian

In today’s networked culture, corporations, celebrities, and high-net worth individuals are highly valuable targets for cyber criminals. Due diligence, sophisticated technology, and consulting and managed services are crucial.

Led by cyber security expert Hemanshu Nigam, SSP Blue Elite designs and implements multi-platform strategies and solutions customized to our clients’ needs for comprehensive 360-degree protection. Our team includes experts in the areas of technical posturing, forensic investigations, social intelligence, crisis PR, government relations, hacking, legal, and policy.

We understand that although the Arts & Entertainment Industry is in the public eye, this doesn’t mean that business or personal information should be accessible or available to the public. We defend this right to privacy, staying one step ahead as the cyber world evolves, and guide clients through this process with confidentiality and discretion.

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Securing Your Social Media Presence:

Social media is one of the most vulnerable points of access for the Arts & Entertainment Industry. It is a playground for cyber predators, hackers, impersonators, and stalkers, as well as criminals seeking to obtain valuable data and business intelligence. We empower clients with the technology and knowledge to utilize social media with confidence. We also monitor to ensure the removal of malicious content and hacks.

Services include:

• Education & Awareness Training for Talent & Teams
• Security Requirements & Protocols
• Personal Safety Training & Protocols
• Content Moderation
• Site Vulnerability Testing
• Ex-staffer Off-Boarding Strategies
• System & Password Management
• Damage Control & Account Reacquisition

Keeping Information & Assets Confidential:

Studios, production companies, CEO’s, and talent all play a public role, making trade secrets, personal information, and photos valuable to intruders. Cyber leaks also leave digital footprints that are easy to spread and complicated to remove. Our specialists collaborate to defend client privacy with state-of-the-art technology, strategic planning, monitoring, and reputation-repair.

Services include:

• Reactive Messaging Programs
• Reputation Recovery Campaigns
• System & Password Management
• Forensic Investigation
• Social Media Analysis & Damage Control
• Law Enforcement Outreach & Support
• Drating policy privacy & Terms of Use

Keeping Talent & Executives Safe:

Cyber-stalking from fans, haters, or the mentally ill is one of the fastest-growing threats to celebrities and company figureheads, and can escalate quickly into physical danger. Online monitoring is the best form of protection from physical harm to people in the public eye and their families. We work discreetly and collaborate with law enforcement and security detail for around-the-clock cyber surveillance, identifying red flags, and setting response protocols to help ensure client safety.

Services include:

• 24/7/365 Monitoring of Persons of Interest & Client
• Investigation & Identification of Culprits
• Law Enforcement Support

Uncovering The Source:

When it comes to investigating threatening activity, discretion plays a key role in uncovering the source. It takes a combination of technological and forensic expertise to identify the source of data leaks, bullying, harassment, stalking, and theft. From analysis and discovery through the legal process, we help unmask anonymous hackers and bring them to justice.

Services include:

• Forensic Investigation & Evidence Analysis
• Legal Subpoenas for Perpetrator Identification
• Intelligence on Persons of Interest
• Law Enforcement Support

Safeguarding Against Scams & Cons:

Businesses, talent, and merchandise are a source of fraudulent income for cyber thieves. Scans and cons come in all forms, including financial and identity theft, fake charities, false stories, and phony products and goods. They are designed to negatively influence market positioning and perception. We design and implement tailored strategies and protocols to defend our clients against fraudulent activity.

Services include:

• Social Media Monitoring 24/7/365
• Takedowns of Scams/Cons
• Packaged Reports to Law Enforcement
• Crisis PR

Building A Stronger Infrastructure:

Hacks designed for the Arts & Entertainment Industry often include seizing data, website and email takeovers, leaks, unauthorized charges, and system failure. Networks, websites, source code, emails, and social media are all susceptible. Intruders can exploit common weaknesses or custom-develop attacks, from an external or internal source. Our team provides a combination of state-of-the-art technology, White Hat hackers, diligent monitoring, and strict policies and protocols. We also employ a specialized Red Team to evaluate system security, and identify any points of weakness and low-to-high risk vulnerabilities.

Services include:

• Systems Discovery & Analysis
• Anti-Hacking Program Creation & Protocol
• Technical Engineering, Talent & Workforce Training
• Crisis Response
• Damage Control
• Black Box & White Hat Hacker Testing
• Reporting

To strengthen overall system integrity, we also set ongoing corporate governance, technical protocols, and monitoring to minimize damage in the future.

Services include:

• Building of C-Level Network Security Governance Program
• Systems & Security Control Evaluation
• Gap Identification
• Asset Inventory & Prioritization
• Strategic Planning & Security Policy Revision
• Maintenance & Monitoring

Personal Support & Safety:

CEO’s, celebrities, their handlers, and even their family members are a high-value target for cyber predators. Since every individual uses the cyber world differently in both their public and private lives, these services are personalized to meet each client’s specific needs. We provide the technical expertise and knowledge to keep our clients safe from password theft, phishing, impersonations and stalking, both on and offline.

Services include:

• Personalized Account Set-Up & Privacy Settings for Family & Team Members
• Education & Awareness Training for Adults & Children
• 24/7/365 Monitoring & Maintenance

SSP Blue’s Registered Sex Offender Search & Analysis Solution:

It is critical for corporations, staff, and talent to have the ability to identify and be aware of registered sex offenders (RSO’s), onsite or on-location. The SSP Blue RSO SAFE database is a proprietary searchable database that contains information on over 750,000 registered sex offenders in the US, allowing our clients to search via a single query. This database is continuously updated as registered sex offenders are added into the state systems.

RSO SAFE includes:

• Searchable Database of 750,000+ RSO’s
• iPhone App for On-Hand Convenience
• Continuous Information & Photo Updates
• Information Integration of Multi-Profile Offenders
• Formats Tailored to Client Needs
• Name & Address Storage
• In-House Code Developers
• Secure & Reliable Serve